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Here's the next part of my report. There are again a few photos. You can get them bigger by clicking on them. Also I do have to warn you, this one is looooooong. And there's also one small possibly spoilerish thing in there about season three but I've hid that one. You can see it by painting over the text at that point.

Will start by saying that JB's laugh is the most wonderful thing in the world! And very infectious. I can't really describe it but if you've even heard him laughing, you know what I mean. And we heard a lot of his laughing during the weekend. He also had this adorable way of saying "Hee!" every once in a while. Made me swoon every single time. Yeah, a hopeless fangirl here...but proud of it!

I've also used at some parts just the initials of the guests. You probably know these all but I'm still including them here *g*

JB=John Barrowman
GDL=Gareth David-Lloyd
NM=Naoko Mori
KO=Kai Owen

Saturday 18.10.2008

Woke up at four am because I was freezing. I noticed that [livejournal.com profile] justdb had left the window open. the curtains were also open so there was too much light coming into the room added to the cold air and noise from the window. I went to close the window and found out that [livejournal.com profile] justdb had left the window open on purpose. I closed it anyway and went back to bed and tried to sleep some more. That didn’t work out too well. I don’t think I slept at all after that. When my alarm went off I went to put my make up and clothes on and then made my way to the Park Inn for the breakfast. Met some people I had met the previous night there.

After breakfast I went to pick up the photo tickets I had pre-bought and then bought some more autograph tickets. Then it was time for waiting. The whole morning was reserved for autos and photo shoots. My goal was to get all the photos done and as much as possible of the autos. All the ticket holders were divided into groups and you were supposed to get your autos and photos according to those groups. When I checked the timetable it looked like my group was among the first ones to be called to most of the things.

First I got my photo taken with Gareth. One photo was included in my ticket price and I had bought an extra one as well. After the first photo was taken I asked Gareth if he minded if we changed sides. He didn't so I got one photo taken so that I was standing on his left side and then actually two photos with me standing on his right side since the photographer wanted to take another shot. Only after I got out of the photo shoot I realized that I had forgotten to take my badge off as well as my sweater. Didn't really matter but I had planned to take them off.

Almost immediately after that photo shoot I went to take photos with Kai. This time I remembered to take my badge and sweater off. I had two photos with him too. Once more I got the first photo standing on his other side and then asked if we could change sides. We did and I got the other photo taken. Kai did tell me he liked my style with the asking of changing poses.

After those photo shoots it was time for some autos. Got one from Jack Montgomery, who played young Jack, and Andy Jones, who has played a weevil in the series. They were both bonus guests. Had to pay extra for those. Next ones on my list were Ian Hilditch, who is John's body double and Richard Tunesi who has also played Weevil roles. Ian asked about my name and I explained that it was actually a Swedish name but that I was from Finland. He asked me if I had come there just for the convention and then he asked if Torchwood had a big following in Finland. I had to tell him that it didn't really have. Of course I don't know for a fact but I'm guessing it's a pretty marginal thing. I also told him that they are only showing it after 11pm.

Then it was time for some photo shoots again. First one was Naoko. Only had one photo with her. She complimented the necklace I was wearing. Straight from that photo shoot I went to take a photo with Paul Kasey. He's the resident Weevil.

Then it was again to the autograph lines. First one was Lachlan Nieboer who played Gray, Jack's brother. He looked pretty gorgeous in RL. Got a bit tongue tied and didn't come up with anything intelligent to say. Not the first time that has happened *g* Got him to sign a picture taken out of the series.

After Lachlan it was time for another gorgeous guy, Gareth. I had bought two extra auto tickets for him so I got him to sign my both DVD boxes and a 10x8 of him as Ianto. Just when I was getting my autos JB started shouting something about his friend being up for voting in Strictly Come Dancing. He sort of got everyone's attention with that. He had printed out fliers advertising the whole thing with phone numbers and all. Lost my chance to talk with Gareth with that since I was already told to move on when John had passed. Of course I didn't really have anything intelligent to say to Gareth either. I don't think telling him that he looks gorgeous can be counted as intelligent and at that point there wasn't much else in my mind.

My plan was to join John's queue next but I was told that his queue was closed for the moment since he needed to be at a photo shoot soon. They told me that he would be back soon.

Instead of that I went to wait for John's photo shoot to start since I had two tickets for that as well. Managed to get into that shoot pretty quickly. Once more I repeated the request that we take the other shoot with me standing on the other side of John instead of the side where the first photo was taken. John suggested that I stand in front of him instead. That was more than fine with me. He set his hands on my shoulders. I barely got out of the room after that since my legs felt a bit shaky.

Then it was time for a photo shoot with Lachlan. Another weak leg moment for me since he really is quite good looking. I do think he looks quite a lot better in RL than he looked in Torchwood.

After that photo shoot I had to hang around for a while and just wait. My plan was to go and get John's autograph but when I went to the autograph room they told me that he wouldn't be signing anymore and that I would have to come back at a later stage when he had another autograph session.

While I waited I visited the bathroom. While I was in one of the stalls I heard someone cursing in the cubicle next to me. Soon after that I was asked if there was any toilet paper in my stall. I answered in the affirmative and handed a roll of toilet paper over. While I was washing my hands I saw a woman stepping out of the cubicle. She thanked me again and then told me that I could tell my friends that I had just handed toilet paper to Captain Jack's sister. It came out that she was John's sister. I probably said something really stupid to that. I can't remember.

Finally it was time for the group shot which meant that all the guests present were in the photo with me. Had to line up for a while for that but finally it was my turn to step in the middle of them. When I went to stand on my place John told me to step back. I did take a few steps back but I was afraid I was going to step on their toes. I also had a problem with my hands. I had no idea what to do with them. Usually in the other photos I could wrap my arms around the guests' waist or something but now I couldn't do that. In the end I just held them in front of me. The photo was taken quickly and I was free to leave.

At that point there was nothing on. There was a lunch break marked on the program for the next hour. I quickly made my way back to my own hotel to see [livejournal.com profile] justdb. We talked about going for lunch again but my stomach had been playing up most of the morning and I really didn't feel like eating. We left the hotel and walked around the town for a while. Didn't find anything really interesting. Finally I decided to return to the Park Inn for the first panels. Since John was going to be the first one I wanted to be there on time to get a good seat. I got there about 15 minutes before the panel started. Unfortunately for me they had already started letting people inside so I didn't get that good a seat. I was in the third row but at the other end pretty far from the stage. Still I was pretty sure I would be able to hear most of it and even take some photos. It was better than sitting at the back of the hall or something.

Naturally people went a bit crazy when JB got on the stage. He did seem to like the attention and posed for pictures for a while. Flash photography was allowed for a few minutes and people really took advantage of it. I took my photos without the flash since in my opinion they came out better that way. Unfortunately I didn't make notes of the Q&A and I've totally forgotten what John was asked and what he answered. In any case I know I did laugh a lot and there were lots of double entendres. To my surprise there weren't any questions about James Marsters. Of course it's possible people had submitted some questions about that but since the questions were being asked by the MC it is possible those questions just weren't picked. Or then people think all questions about James have already been asked. Too late I realized that it could have been fun to ask which one, Gareth or James, was a better kisser.

I do remember there were some questions about John's TV watching habits and his opinion about reality TV. He told us that he loves to watch himself in TV and even follows Big Brother. Then there were some questions about his work on the "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" and "Any dream will do." shows. JB told us that there's something new on the works that will come in 2010.

John told about his dog Captain Jack who he claims behaves pretty much the same way than the "real" Captain Jack. One example he told us was that the dog likes laying on his back and have his nuts tickled. And there's a direct quote: "Just like his big dad." Lots of laughing both from the audience and John. Then he noticed that there was a little girl sitting in the front row and he told her that her mother would explain it to her later and continued to say that he was talking about cashews.

Then he told a touching story about his and Scott's dogs. Their dog Lewis died earlier this year and Scott had been really down about it and they had talked about getting another black cocker spaniel. They searched for it all over UK and finally John found a breeder in Cardiff of all places. He hadn't told Scott about it and just blindfolded him and took him to see the puppy. When John had taken the blindfold off and Scott had seen the puppy, he had burst into tears. They named the puppy Harris. That had a story behind it too. Up in Scotland there's an isle called Lewis. Beside it is another isle called Harris. They are connected to each other via an isthmus that has a road called Scott on it. *sniff* People were quite touched by that story.

John also shared the insightful thought of him having to keep Scott happy, since he keeps him happy. That was pretty sweet too.

John also told about his plans in the US and that he's having some talks with some studios about some projects. That was actually also why JB wasn't going to be present all weekend. He was flying to US on Sunday afternoon. I think it's great that he did come to the convention anyway even if he had to leave early.

John was asked if it was hard doing scenes with green screen. He told us that he has no trouble with it since he has a good imagination but also told us that sometimes it's fun when they get guest actors who aren't used to the green screen and they have hard time imaging what is going to be there and it shows on their reactions.

I just love his expression on this photo...

Then there was some talk about JB's cars. He has six cars at the moment and they are all pretty posh. He has a black Porsche which will actually be seen in season 3 of Torchwood. Then he has a DeLorean (my inner fangirl squeed at that), Mercedes convertible and a Boxter.

Unfortunately for us the time went way too fast and people were really disappointed when the MC told us that time had run out. John was on our side and told him that he could answer a few more questions. When the MC's response to that was that Kai, Gareth and Naoko were already waiting for their turn, John just said that we could keep them waiting. He was more important  The MC gave him a few more questions but then John really had to leave the stage. He ended his appearance on the stage with a third season spoiler. (If you want to read, paint over the text. Not a real spoiler in my opinion but just in case someone minds) He revealed that we are going to see Captain Jack naked. Not surprisingly that got a big applause and whistling.

As soon as John was off the stage quite a few people left the hall as well since it was time for John to sign autographs. I joined that queue as well despite the fact that I know that I was going to miss at least part of Kai's, Gareth's and Naoko's Q&A. Still I did want to get my autos from John that night. The line advanced pretty slowly but finally it was my turn. I had the both DVD boxes for John to sign as well as John's autobiography. His sister was signing as well so I got her auto to my book as well. John asked me if I had enjoyed my time and I told him that I had had wonderful time. I also told both John and Carolyn that I had loved the book. They thanked me for that. I'm sure they've heard that a few times before…

As soon as I had my autos I made my way back to the main hall where the Kai Owen, Gareth David-Lloyd and Naoko Mori's Q&A was well on it's way. Still didn't take notes so not too clear memories of what was being asked. There were some references to JB playing pranks on people and how he didn't seem to be able to keep his pants on. Naoko's comment was that it's amazing what you can get used to when you are exposed to something almost constantly. They were also asked about their other projects. Naoko was asked if she would be willing to do another musical someday and Gareth was asked about his band Blue Gillespie. Naoko did tell us that she could do another musical but didn't have any specific one she would want to do. Gareth said that the band was doing fine and that they would have an album coming in the near future. I did end up missing most of the Q&A due to getting JB's autos and can't really remember that much of it.

I can remember that Gareth was asked where he thought Ianto lived since that had never been shown. All the other Torchwood members have their apartments but there has never been any hints of where Ianto lives. Gareth commented that he sort of likes that Ianto has been kept so mysterious and there hasn't been many things revealed about him. He did say that in his opinion Ianto lives somewhere in the Hub but in his opinion Ianto should live in Jack's manhole since he's in and out of it all the time anyway. Not too surprising that got a huge laugh out of people. I'm guessing that was Gareth's purpose all along. He also told us that we learn some more things about Ianto's past on the third season.

There was also a question about how many languages they were able to speak. Naoko said that she sort of knows five languages but only Japanese and English well and then some French. GDL and Kai Owen just said that they can speak English and Welsh.

The question for Naoko about her willingness to do more musicals was asked by a girl named Lisa. GDL started calling for "Lisa" the way he had done in the Cybergirl episode. He kept looking around just the way he had done in the ep.

Once more there were protests when the MC told us that we had run out of time with the guests. Even KO, GDL and NM joined in the protests saying that it was unfair JB had had 45 minutes all by himself while they had to divide their 45 minutes with each other. The MC pretty much ignored their protests and with a huge applause they left the stage.

Next on the stage were Paul Kasey, Lachlan Nieboer and Jack Montgomery. Lachlan told about his first meeting with JB and how John's first comment had been "Oh, he looks just like me!". Lachlan even imitated John's walk and mannerisms while he told the story, with some exaggeration naturally. We got quite a few good laughs out of it. They were also asked about how they ended up working in Torchwood and what they thought about the experience. Paul Kasey got the part due to all the work he had done in Doctor Who. Jack and Lachlan both went through auditions. Paul Kasey naturally has had a blast playing the many different creatures in both shows. Jack and Lachlan did enjoy the experience but did admit that coming to a set where everyone already knew each other and had been working together for long was maybe a bit intimidating.

Lachlan Nieboer, Jack Montgomery and Paul Kasey

They were also asked which scenes had been their favorites. Paul told us that he had liked playing the blowfish and driving the sports car. He did complain that the fin on the blowfish costume kept hitting the head rest while he was in the car. Lachlan had especially liked the scene where Jack and Gray meet for the first time and Gray stabs Jack with the big knife. In his opinion it was fun walking around with a huge knife, even if it was just a prop. He also told me that he had been a bit "scared" when he had been laying in the cryogenic tank with JB standing beside him. According to him JB had told him that he could do anything to him while he laid there. He told us that it had been pretty scary. There were also other questions but I just can't remember them now.

After their 45 minutes was up they left the stage for a while. The next part of the program was a panel where all the guests were present. The first one to enter the stage was Kai Owen who then called all the other guests to the stage one by one. After about half of the guests were on stage Kai claimed that the next guest to come up was James Marsters. No one really bought that. Kai's comment to that was; "Nah, he's like 53 years old!". Finally all the guests were on stage and the panel got on its way.

John entertained the audience by faking kisses with most of the people on stage. The only one he actually did kiss was Kai. That got a few whistles from the audience and comment from Gareth that "We are so over." My camera so wasn't ready. JB and GDL did lean towards each other a few times but they didn't actually kiss. They were sitting beside each other and as soon as JB sat down he did caress Gareth's leg very suggestively.

John got into telling about his first impressions of Lachlan. When Lachlan told him that he had already told what John had said, JB passed that by saying that he's going to tell us what he did after they met for the first time. JB claimed that when he had met Lachlan he had immediately texted RTD that he definitely had to write an incest scene with Jack and Gray. RTD had almost immediately answered him that he was already writing it. All the guests were also asked about their first impression about RTD. Can't really remember their answers but they were pretty positive. Someone said that RTD never stops working. Every single free moment he has, he sits beside his window and writes stuff for Doctor Who and Torchwood.

A small dialogue between GDL, LN and JB, at least sort of, that happened during this panel.

GDL (in reference to Lachlan): You are so up his arse today
JB (can't say anything, just keeps laughing and hiding his face in his hands)
GDL: Oh well, gives me a bit of a break
JB (totally loses it and almost falls off his chair)

Once more there were quite a few double entendres. Or maybe some of the stuff wasn't meant to be thought in any naughty way but John kept making faces and saying stuff that could be understood in many different ways. I guess it was his purpose. Still weren't wise enough to take pen and paper with me so no notes about that Q&A either. All the questions were formed so that all the guests could answer them. There were some questions about their favorite times on the Torchwood set, their favorite movies and such.

The guests were asked what they wanted for Christmas. For some reason they sort of addressed their requests to John and requested Porches. When it was GDL's turn he went to sit on JB's lap to make his request. There was some groping going on and almost kisses. JB also asked GDL to move a bit to the left which he did with a smug expression and rubbed against JB.

Pic of that situation. Sorry this is a bit blurry. I hate my camera...

JB did admit that he did try to censor himself every once in a while due to the fact that were children present. He did slip out some things that probably weren't suitable for children's ears and he always apologized when he did that. After that he always told the children that they had to ask their parents what some of the words he used, meant. He's evil *g*

Naoko had a tendency to ramble in her answers and sometimes she got pretty far from the original question. JB and GDL kept pretending to fall asleep. They looked so cute leaning against each other. Naoko wasn't too pleased when she noticed what they were doing.

There was also an incident when GDL kissed Naoko. That didn't get even half the cheers as the kisses between the guys got. GDL just simply commented that "It's just not gay enough for you, is it?"

After the panel it was time for the auction. At first I thought I could leave the main hall since I strongly suspected I couldn't afford to buy anything. At least the few auctions I've taken part in previously the prices went way too high for me. Still I was a bit curious what kind of stuff they had to sell, so I stayed. Ended up buying autos from Eve Myles and Matt Rippy. Paid about £20 for them. Was interested in some of the other stuff too but they quickly went out of my price range. I was especially interested in a enlarged photo of all the guests with all their autos. Can't remember how much that ended up costing but it was over £200. I could have maybe paid £150 for it but that was all. The most expensive thing to be sold was a dinner for two sitting opposite to GDL. Someone paid £540 for that. A pretty expensive dinner in my opinion. Another dinner for two was auctioned with a place opposite to Kai Owen. That went for £320. I was actually crazy enough to bet on that for a while with another Finnish girl. We stopped at £300. I'm pretty sure that if we had offered more the person who finally won it would have out betted us again. Some people just have too much money. I'm afraid what the price would have been if JB had been part of the dinner. It was told to us before the auction started that he wouldn't be able to take part in the dinner. All the other guests were going to be present.

After the auction was over I headed back to the hotel. The intention was to go and grab some dinner. Since we didn't have any better ideas we ended up at the hotel lobby to eat. The only problem was that we never got our food. We waited for a bit over a half an hour before asking after the food. It came out that our order never went through. Since I wanted to be back at the Park Inn in time we cancelled the whole order. The result of course was that I didn't eat that night either. I still had a few muesli bars so I hoped I would get by with them. Eating is overrated anyway…

At Park Inn the party was already in full swing. The theme was a 1940's ball. There were two singers singing songs from that time. The main hall had been decorated with flags and posters. It looked pretty nice. Didn't have the energy to go dancing so I just took a seat and enjoyed the atmosphere. I also waited for the show we had been promised. JB, KO and GDL were supposed to do a small sketch for us that had been written by one of the writers of Doctor Who.

When the singers stopped people started to pack on the dance floor in front of the stage. At that point I realized my problem since I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to see much of the show from my current place since there were so many people standing in front of me. When JB, KO and GDL got on stage I got up to stand on the chair I had been sitting on that far. That was the only way I was going to see anything.

The whole thing started by John trying to get people to vote his friend at Strictly Come Dancing again. Unfortunately it was already too late. Gareth made some rude comments about the show. Next JB warned that the show had some "slight" adult material in it in case there were children present in the hall. Unfortunately I missed what Gareth said to that but JB's comment to whatever Gareth said was; "I apologize for my lover." And the crowd went wild again.

Finally JB made a request that no one would record the show since they could get into really big trouble because of it. BBC is quite protective of its programs and if there was video evidence of the actors sort of mocking their own show that could result in the actors never being allowed to do cons again. After John had made his plea and people had dutifully lowered their cameras he and Gareth danced wildly to the tune of Torchwood. It looked quite interesting and I'm using the term dancing loosely…

They had named the sketch "The Nub". The basis of the sketch was that Jack and Ianto had been chasing an alien and lost it at some point. A bit later Rhys joined them by some weird incident. Together they kept chasing the alien. There were quite a few cracks about the fact that we were in Northampton and a few about the organizers not having afford to get all of the Torchwood cast into the same con. The main emphasis was on double entendres. The lines went along: "Ianto, I need you at the back entrance!" Cue laughing…

I can't remember when I've laughed as much as during the about fifteen minutes the show lasted. A few times I almost fell of the chair I was standing on due to laughing so much. Some of it of course went past me due to some language problems. JB, KO and GDL also kept repeating some stuff when people didn't laugh at the right points.

There were quite a few cracks (snort) about Ianto's role as the pizza/coffee guy and how he forgot to bring Jack the coffee he had asked for.

The end result of the show was that the alien they had been chasing "entered" Rhys. It was made pretty clear in which way the alien did that. While he was writhing on the floor Ianto offered to get him a pizza or a subway or anything he wanted.

Rhys fought it for a while and then suddenly jumped up all chipper again and started to sing the song "It's raining men". Next he announced that he wanted to have sex with Ianto and Jack and told them that he wasn't an alien. Instead he was a Gaylien.

At first they did resist and thought it would be a good idea to try to figure out how to get the alien out of Rhys. However, pretty quickly they decided that they should definitely research the alien further, inside and out…Then there was a lot of kissing. John kissing Gareth, John kissing Kai, Gareth kissing Kai. And people went wild. Then they left the stage but it didn't take long before they were back. They surprised the audience by turning their backs towards the audience and pulling their pants down. I so wish I had had my camera ready. I think I did see a few cameras there so it is possible someone managed to get a picture of it. *g* Then there was some more kissing and groping after which John crawled around on the floor while Kai kept slapping his ass.

In short the whole show was pure crack!

After the show was over the party continued with some more music. I wandered around the hall and the bar area and talked with people. At some point I saw Kai at the bar and complimented their show to him. He thanked and said that their goal had been to entertain and it seemed they had succeeded in it. I assured him that they really had. A bit later I heard from someone that Gareth had been mooning people at other occasions as well. Sorry, that I missed that *g*

I mainly just sat around and watched the other people dancing. Started to feel really tired and actually ended up falling asleep. At that point I decided it was probably best to return to our own hotel and go to bed. I'm guessing the lack of sleep was getting to me. I hadn't been sleeping that well for the few previous nights. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at the hotel. It was about 1 am at that point.

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posted by [identity profile] aschicca.livejournal.com at 04:29pm on 22/10/2008
I'm laughing so hard right now!!! I'm sure JB can make every occasion he's in a blast! :D :D *loves the guy*

Also loved the story of Scott's puppy... awww :)

BTW have you seen these posts here and here? TONS of pics of the con! I thought maybe you could like to see them if you didn't have the time to take many yourself :)

Thank you for your reports!! Would you mind if I quoted some of this post to [livejournal.com profile] shinodabear by mail? I know she'd love to hear about JB and GDL's exchange *G*

posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 04:50pm on 22/10/2008
I had hard time writing the report since I kept laughing while I remembered all the stuff that happened. There are actually a few clips up at Youtube in case you are interested.

JB was moved himself too when he told the story about the puppy.

Yeah, I've seen the pics. They are really great. Most of my photos are pretty awful. I wonder if I'll have money to get a new camera before the next con...

Quote ahead. I'm actually probably going to unlock these posts at least for a while so in case she wants to read the whole thing, you can link her here too.

posted by [identity profile] aschicca.livejournal.com at 06:48pm on 22/10/2008
I sent the quotes.. and told her you're unlocking if she wanted to take a peek :) Thanks!!

YouTube!!!! *runs squeeing*
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 07:35pm on 22/10/2008
The sound quality in some of the clips isn't that good but you can get something out of them anyway. Totally sat today at work and watched the clips when I was supposed to be working *g*
posted by [identity profile] aschicca.livejournal.com at 04:31pm on 22/10/2008
OMG forgot to say! I LOVE the spoiler!!!!!! And you got to give toilet paper to JB's sister! That's quite an experience... LMAO!
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 04:52pm on 22/10/2008
The spoiler did get a few squees in the con. Can't wait to see it for real. It's a shame it's still so long away. I want my Torchwood dose now!

I'm totally almost a celebrity myself for helping JB's sister out *g*
posted by [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/woman_of_/ at 06:30pm on 22/10/2008
Wow, that sounds like such an action packed day. They really worked to make that con work. Seems they wanted to spend time with everyone!

Fantastic, I am so glad you went and loved the report!
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 06:37pm on 22/10/2008
Most things worked really well in the con and they had obviously put a lot of effort into organizing things. It was nice that I didn't have to miss any of the panels due to being stuck in queues. Or I did miss a bit of that one panel but still caught most of it.

I'm glad I went too. It did destroy my finances for a while but I have such lovely memories. Glad you enjoyed the report!
posted by [identity profile] deborahw37.livejournal.com at 06:46pm on 22/10/2008
Wonderful report , thank you!
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 07:36pm on 22/10/2008
Glad you enjoyed! Writing this has been so much fun since it has given me a chance to remember all the fun that was had during the weekend *g*