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Today really hasn't been my day. First I totally overslept. I guess there had been a power outage in my area during the night that caused the fact that my alarm didn't wake me up. When I woke up I was just surprised that it was already so light out. When I checked my alarm it showed that it was 1:47 am which of course couldn't be true. My first clue to the power outage was the fact that the time was blinking. I quickly got out of bed and tried to find the correct time from somewhere. It came out that it was already 8:40am. I should have been in the office already by eight.

I tried to get dressed quickly and headed out. When I was almost at the train station I noticed that I had left my mobile at home. I had to return to get it since it's my only work phone. When I was again on my way towards the train station I called my colleague that I was going to be late from a meeting that was supposed to start at 9am. I was maybe 200 meters from the train station when I saw the train arriving. There was no way I could have ran to it so I told my colleague that I would come with the next train. Usually the trains go about every 15 minutes. However, today there was still something wrong with the system and I ended up waiting for the train for almost half an hour. When I finally got to the office it was already 9:50am. Practically I was about two hours late.

The meeting ran past me. Then I just had time for a quick lunch before my next meeting started. Luckily that didn't take long and I was finally able to start actually doing my work. However, Friday afternoons have never been the most productive time for me so I didn't get that much done.

I had to leave the office a bit after three since I had promised that I would pick up my niece once more. All in all, I was in the office about five and a half hours. There are some hours to make up next week. And I guess I need to catch up on my work too.

Now I'm sitting here and surfing. My niece is already sleeping and I'm waiting for her mother to come home. It can happen that she won't come home any time soon since she just found out this morning that she got fired. No reason was given. She was just told that her services weren't needed anymore. She was pretty upset by it. She had only been in that place for about two months. She went for some drinks with her old colleagues, to say goodbye to them. She wasn't even allowed to do that today when she was escorted out of that place. It sounds really weird to me. When I asked if she knew what was behind the firing, she said she had no idea. They hadn't told her any reason. I feel really sorry for her since she seemed to like that job. And now she's again unemployed.
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How come it seems I never get anything done. Or at least that's the feeling I have.

Did distance work today, as I usually do on Thursdays. It's a habit among my colleagues that we all do distance work on Thursdays. In my opinion I really tried to work hard during the day but it still seems I got nothing done. Even after I turned off the connection to the office work there were still quite a few e-mails waiting for my attention.

Did manage to finalize the changes to my thesis. I'm going to print it tomorrow, read it through during the wekeend and then send it to my sister on Monday. Hopefully she'll have at least some good things to say about it this time around.

There's still one project I really need to get done for school. I just counted that I need to return it by the end of October to make sure that it gets graded in time for my graduation. Of course I will try to get it returned as soon as possible but with the serious lack of inspiration I have going on, it might not happen too soon. Still I don't want my graduation to be pushed forward just because I can't get one stupid project done so I'm really going to work on it during the weekend.

I guess this is enough of me moaning about school. Dexter is starting soon. I'm going to watch that and then head for bed.
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This is mainly for my own entertainment and reference. Feel free to skip this post.

Below the cut are all the books that have been read at the community [livejournal.com profile] my_book_nook. I'm using it as a reference list for myself when thinking about new books to loan out. I'm also dating this to the last date for the current challenge at the community so that I can find this at the top of my journal when needed.

Booklist )
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Before anyone panics didn't make any big edits. I just mainly removed some users and communities that hadn't had any activity in recent years. Of course this also includes me assuming that there's really people who want to read my journal *g*

Just felt like cleaning out a bit. In case I accidentally unfriended someone who is still active and wants to stay on my f-list, please comment here and all will be corrected.

Now it's sleepy time. I do hope I will sleep better than last night. For some weird reason I woke up at four am and stayed awake for about three hours after that before again falling asleep for a few hours.
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*puts the pimp hat on*

A good friend of mine and a faithful supporter of my fics is doing her thesis at the moment and needs your help. She has created a separate journal for the questions regarding the thesis. The questions can be found here

The questions are about giving and receiving gifts and the meaning gifts have for people. All comments are screened so your answers won't be seen by anyone else than her.

It only takes about five minutes to answer the questions so please take this short time of your day and go fill it out. She needs to get as many answers as possible.

One of the questions asks you to specify your country so it would be good if people from different countries answered the questions so that she could analyze that in her work as well.

Thank you!

*bows out*
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Doing my school assignment and need your help. Does anyone on my f-list have a plus-account? Or know someone who has one? I'm doing my marketing assigment about digital marketing and would like to see what kind of adds Livejournal puts on the plus-account pages.

Also feel free to tell me how the process goes? What do you think about the adds on your LJ page and anything else that comes to mind. Anything you tell me will be treated as confidental

Thank you for any help you can give me!
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Narrow-minded people piss me off.

That's all.
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Went to see Grudge yesterday. There were 26 of us "Buffy" fans there. It was scary. Really did like it though. The suspence had been made really well. By boyfriend kept laughing at me when I startled in some scenes. I think this was the first movie I saw SMG doing a good job and being in a role that suited her. I've pretty much hated all the other movies she has done.

After the movie we went for drinks with a small portion of the group. It was nice too. Now that we've become to know each other better it's nice to socialize with the people too and talking is so much more free nowadays than it was before.

Today I've just been catching up with my flist. You guys write a lot! Had to skip 120 messages before I got to messages I've already read.

Have been trying to write a little. My muse still isn't back and that sucks. Oh well, maybe she will return some day. I at least hope.

Next on the list!

*waves to [livejournal.com profile] averine*


Now I better go back to staring at blank pages that for some reason don't want to fill up with words.
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Just needed to try this out.

Your EQ is


50 or less: Thanks for answering honestly. Now get yourself a shrink, quick!

51-70: When it comes to understanding human emotions, you'd have better luck understanding Chinese.

71-90: You've got more emotional intelligence than the average frat boy. Barely.

91-110: You're average. It's easy to predict how you'll react to things. But anyone could have guessed that.

111-130: You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.

150+: Two possibilities - you've either out "Dr. Phil-ed" Dr. Phil... or you're a dirty liar.

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Saw this in [livejournal.com profile] julissak01's journal and decided to pass it on to spread the word.

Look here

There are two fics. At least the second one (Remembrance) is stolen from [livejournal.com profile] preetybird. Her orginal story can be found here. It's practically word for word except for the title.

Don't recognise the other one but it may as well be stolen. Check out and spread the word.

Can't understand why people would copy other people's work! The chance to get caught is quite big.

I'm cranky now!
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