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posted by [personal profile] piksa at 07:47pm on 24/10/2008 under
Here is the first part of Sunday. RL has been crazy and I haven't gotten around writing the rest of Sunday yet. Will try to get it up during the weekend but here is my Sunday morning. Nothing too exciting *g*

Once more I've sometimes used just the initials of the guests. The new ones are:

SLG=Sara Lloyd-Gregory
AL=Anthony Lewis

Sunday 19.10.2008

Even if I had been really tired and hadn't been sleeping well I again woke up at about 5am and didn't sleep after that. Unfortunately that meant that I only slept for about four hours and managed to get even more sleep deprived. I did lay in bed until half past seven and then got up and started my morning routines. Then it was down to breakfast. Really didn't feel like eating anything but ate anyway since I knew I needed the food. After forcing some food down my throat I made my way to the Park Inn once more. I started from the registration desk and bought a few extra autos so that I could get everything I wanted signed. I went to see if they were already letting people into the autograph room but when I saw that wasn't the case I went to see if I could get the photos I hadn't gotten the previous night. Those were found quite quickly so I then had everything collected and I headed to line up for the autographs. On my way there I put up my bid for an Intimate Encounter with Gareth later that day. Was prepared to put quite a lot of amount to that since I wanted to make sure I got there. I started with bidding £60.

My goal of the morning was to get the rest of my autographs. I had asked [livejournal.com profile] justdb to give her autograph card to me so that I could get some extra autographs from some of the guests. I know it wasn't really right of me to do that but since she wasn't going to use the card I decided to take advantage of it.

I was aware that there would be limit on at least JB's autos. The general guidelines said that you were allowed three autos at a time and only after everyone had gone through, was it possible to go and get more autos. From what I had seen about the autograph situation with JB it seemed that he might not even got through everyone during the time that he was still signing.

As soon as they started with the autographs I joined the group going inside the autograph room and tried to join the queue for JB. Pretty soon they announced that in case people wanted autos from other people too they should go and get those first. I was still missing autos from Kai, Naoko, Paul and of course from Sara Lloyd-Gregory and Anthony Lewis who had only joined the convention for the Sunday. Since JB was signing for three hours I decided that I could well wait for a while. I first joined the queue for Kai and got him to sign my DVD boxes and a 10x8 of him as Rhys. After I got through that line I noticed that Gareth didn't have much queue in front of him so I decided to get the picture that had been taken of him and me signed. I again used [livejournal.com profile] justdb‘s auto card for and that meant that I got the auto for free. GDL looked a bit tired and when I asked about that from him, he did admit that he was a bit tired. Next I tried to join the queue for Anthony Lewis but I was told that he was taking a small break and the queue was closed for the moment. So instead of that I went to queue for Sara Lloyd-Gregory. She looked really petite and she seemed to be smiling all the time. Got tongue tied again a bit and couldn't get anything else said than that it was nice meeting her. I got her just to sign a 10x8 of her from Torchwood.

At that point Anthony Lewis was already coming back and I went to join his queue. Did have to wait for a while since some other people had gotten there as well. Finally it was my turn for the auto. I had just a 10x8 for him as well. I had a post-it that had my name on it and Anthony almost immediately asked where my name was from. When I told him that I was from Finland he also asked me if I was there just for the convention. After that he told me that he liked my name and thought it was beautiful. I thanked him and was probably a bit red on the face. I told him that it was nice meeting him and then proceeded to the next queue.

I had to choose between the queue for Naoko and Paul Kasey. In the end I went to Paul Kasey first since his queue was a bit shorter one. I had bought one extra auto for him so I got him to sign my series 2 DVD box and a 10x8 of him in the blowfish costume.

Naoko's line was still long but I joined it and prepared myself for a small wait. Luckily it didn't take that long after all and I got both my DVD boxes signed by her as well as a 10x8 of her as Toshiko.

At that point I had all the autos I wanted except for the extra autos from JB. I saw that his line had gotten really long but joined the end of it anyway. Only managed to stand there for a few minutes before one of the crew came to cut the line short. They said it was blocking the way, which it sort of was. We were told to return after about five minutes. I went to sit down for a while near one of the walls in the room to wait. After I saw a few people joining the queue without them being told to leave it I joined the end of the queue as well. The queue progressed pretty slowly but finally I was in front of JB's desk again. They were trying to keep a fast pace going on with John and there was actually two crew members handling the queue.

I had sort of hoped that JB wouldn't remember me since I didn't want to get busted for being there for the second time since you weren't allowed to do that. However, as soon as he saw me he said “Hello again!" I greeted him as well. I got a 10x8 of him as Captain Jack and our photo together signed. Couldn't really come up with anything else to say since my brain had again abandoned me so I just complimented him on the show the previous night. I did tell him that I had missed some parts of it due to language problems. He then asked me if the visual had been good as least. I told him that the visual had definitely made up for the parts I had missed and filled gaps very nicely. He just laughed and told me that he was happy that I had enjoyed the show. He was wearing a really nice and soft looking pink sweater but I do think it might have been frowned upon if I had asked if I could touch it so I had to restrain myself from doing that.

At that point I had all the autos I had wanted but since there were still spaces in [livejournal.com profile] justdb‘s autograph card I decided that I could get a few more extras. First I went to Kai to get him to sign the photo of us together. I had forgotten to put the post-it with my name on the picture but he obviously remembered seeing me before and just asked how it was that I spelled my name again. I quickly got the post-it out and showed it to him.

Next I took advantage of the fact that I still had plenty of time and got Anthony Lewis to sign my series two DVD box with a free autograph from the card I had. I repeated the same with Sara Lloyd-Gregory to the series 1 DVD box.

I still wanted Paul Kasey to sign series 1 DVD box and Naoko to sign our picture together. However, they were in a photo shoot so I had to wait for a while. I sat again near one of the walls to organizes the autos and photos I already had.

While I was sitting there JB made an announcement that unfortunately his time was slowly running out and that he would need to head out soon. He apologized for that and promised that if there was anyone who didn't get his auto the organizers would get their addresses marked on the items they wanted signed and those would be delivered to them as soon as JB got them signed.

About 20 minutes after that announcement it was time for JB to vacate the premises. He told everyone bye and got quite a few responses as well as a loud applause. On his way out he hugged Kai and Gareth. He also kissed Gareth one more time and they got some wolf whistles for that. JB obviously knows his audience *g* Then he was out of the door. It was a shame that he needed to leave early since it would have been nice to have him on stage for the second time as well but I'm happy with what I got. He could have cancelled totally after he found out that he needed to go to LA.

Afterwards I did feel a bit bad about the fact that I had gone and got the extra autographs since it seemed not everyone was able to go there even for the first time but of course at that point it couldn't be helped anymore.

Finally Paul Kasey and Naoko came back from their photo shoots and I was able to get the last autos I wanted. When I was standing by Naoko's table she complimented how good my skin looked at the picture. I tried to tell her that it was just due to the make up I was wearing but she told me it was nonsense. In her opinion my skin looked really great. I again blushed a little and thanked her.

Things were winding down and there was a lunch break coming. I went to check how the bidding was going for the Intimate Encounter with Gareth. There was space for 12 people in that group and I counted that at the moment I was ninth with my bid. Decided to raise it a little to make sure I really got there and bid £80. With that I raised a few spots on the list and could be more certain that of my success.

After that I headed for the hotel to leave some stuff there and see what [livejournal.com profile] justdb was up to. It came out she had only just woken up. I do envy her ability to sleep. I wasn't feeling particularly hungry so we just hung at the hotel until I again needed to make up my way back to the Park Inn for the Q&As.


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posted by [identity profile] aschicca.livejournal.com at 07:23pm on 24/10/2008
Awww Naoko was so sweet :) And I giggled so much when you wrote about the kiss JB gave to GDL!! *G*

I love these reports, they make me feel like I was there too and I'm happy to read about the great time you had *huggles*
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 07:27pm on 24/10/2008
Naoko was really sweet. At first I did feel bad for her for being there all by herself with all the guys but I quickly noticed that she was more than capable of giving as good as she got.

I'm glad you are enjoying the reports. For me it's been really fun writing them since it gives me almost an opportunity to relive the whole event

posted by [identity profile] http://users.livejournal.com/woman_of_/ at 12:12am on 25/10/2008
JB sounds wonderful, he really tried his best to make it good for everyone I think!

Looking forward to part 2. Stunning weekend so far!
posted by [identity profile] piksa.livejournal.com at 06:46pm on 26/10/2008
JB was such a wonderful person. I was really nervous meeting him but he had this way of talking to you that made you relax almost immediately. Of course I still couldn't say anything intelligent but still. It did seem he really cared about his fans and wanted to make everyone happy.

Just posted the last part!