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Here is the final part of my con report. I do warn you that this is once more a long one. I did try to put as much detail into it as I could remember.

I do hope you enjoy!

There are again some pictures attached to the text.

Northampton - part 3 )
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Here is the first part of Sunday. RL has been crazy and I haven't gotten around writing the rest of Sunday yet. Will try to get it up during the weekend but here is my Sunday morning. Nothing too exciting *g*

Once more I've sometimes used just the initials of the guests. The new ones are:

SLG=Sara Lloyd-Gregory
AL=Anthony Lewis

Sunday 19.10.2008

Northampton - part 2 )
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Here's the next part of my report. There are again a few photos. You can get them bigger by clicking on them. Also I do have to warn you, this one is looooooong. And there's also one small possibly spoilerish thing in there about season three but I've hid that one. You can see it by painting over the text at that point.

Will start by saying that JB's laugh is the most wonderful thing in the world! And very infectious. I can't really describe it but if you've even heard him laughing, you know what I mean. And we heard a lot of his laughing during the weekend. He also had this adorable way of saying "Hee!" every once in a while. Made me swoon every single time. Yeah, a hopeless fangirl here...but proud of it!

I've also used at some parts just the initials of the guests. You probably know these all but I'm still including them here *g*

JB=John Barrowman
GDL=Gareth David-Lloyd
NM=Naoko Mori
KO=Kai Owen

Saturday 18.10.2008

Northampton )
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Here is the first part of my con report. Nothing that interesting in this part since it mainly concentrates on me getting from home to Northampton. Still there is some stuff about the guests at the end. *g* Just a warning that tThere are also a few pictures (three) embedded into the story in case you are on dial-up. They are pretty small since I linked them from the LJ scrap book.

Friday 17.10.2008

Helsinki -> London -> Northampton )
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A bit worried now. Read from the discussion board of The Hub convention that some people have been contacted by the hotel to inform them that they no longer have rooms in the hotel due to some refurbishments. Those people are being transferred to the other convention hotel which is a few blocks from the actual hotel where all the things are going to happen. When one of the persons on the discussion board had called the hotel they had told her that at least all the people who booked the hotel in May will be transferred. I just checked that I booked my hotel on 30th of April. It really sucks if I get transferred. Sure it isn't that long way from the other hotel but still it won't be nice running between the hotels several times a day. Or returning to the hotel from one of the night parties. One of the reasons I tried to book the hotel well in advance was to make sure that I'll get a room from the convention hotel.

I really do hope I won't be one of those who will be transferred. Actually a bit worried if I even have a room in the hotel since I asked them to send me a confirmation e-mail which I never received. I did call them a few weeks after I made the initial booking and at that point they did tell me that everything was in order with my booking.

Keeping fingers crossed!
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